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The second leading cause of accidental death of children is drowning. Drowning can happen in a pool, inside a bucket filled with liquid or if a child is left alone in a tub. Children should always be supervised in and around water. When visiting a residence with a pool take extra precaution to verify that there are child proof physical barriers to prevent unsupervised entry. Do not let distractions such as doorbell, phones or forgetting to bring a towel to take your attention away from your young child while bathing. Swimming lessons can begin as early as three years under a qualified instructor. Ensure that older children know the dangers of swimming in upsupervised areas such as ponds, quarries or canals. Remind all members of your household to swim with a buddy, never alone. Don’t dive into unknown bodies of water. Jump feet first to avoid hitting your head on a shallow bottom. Don’t push or jump on other. Learn cardiopulmonary resucitation from a local Red Cross chapter.
One of the saddest stories told during a safety stand down day by an officer I served with in the Army involved his daughters fiance who was on vacation in Egypt. While vacationing with some friends the were swimming in some dark water. One of the fiance friends who was up to his chest in water called him into the water. Unknown to the fiance was the friend was on his knees and the water was less then four feet deep, the fiance dived into the water and his neck immediately broke upon striking the bottom. The quick action from his friends prevented him from drowning but he is now paralyzed from the shoulders down.

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