Stay At Home Kits


Fall Prevention
Fire Prevention
Poisoning Prevention
Choking Hazards
Water/Pool Protection
Disaster Preparedness
  * Emergency Supplies
  * Stay at Home Kits
  * Evacuation Kits
  * Communication

Clean water may be one of the hardest items to get during an emergency. A container that can be transported has additional value. Preparation should include an inventory of needed items such as food, flashlights with extra batteries, dust masks, fire extinguisher, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. During an emergency infrastructure such as electrical power, indoor plumbing, and telephone service is likely to be interrupted for indetermined amounts of time. The family car can serve as a temporary charging station for cell phones and a box of supplies should be readily available to transport to the car in the event of an evacuation. Preparation of the home should include barriers for the window such as plastic sheeting and tape for sealing and tools to include hammer, shovel and hardware to fasten boards or other material.

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