Slips, Trips and Falls


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Lifting Techniques
Slips, Trips and Falls
Personal Protective Equipment
  * Eye Protection
  * Foot Protection
  * Hand Protection
  * Hearing Conservation
  * Respiratory Protection

Slips, trips and falls occur within the work place so frequently that over 160,000 falls on the same level were reported in 2007 to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Falls accounted for nearly twenty percent of all reported injuries during that same time period. Prevention of slips, trips and falls requires continous monitoring techniques to ensure that work areas are kept clear of hazards. Employees should take immediate action to clean up spills of all types and notify maintenance personnel and other employees of such potential hazards. The physical forces of gravity, friction and momentum play collective roles on the severity and impact of the injury during a slip, trip or fall. Controlling momentum by slowing down and increasing friction with proper foot wear can decrease the frequency rate of falls occuring. 29 CFR 1910.22(a) housekeeping general requirements gives further guidance on standards for cleaning.

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