Chemical Handling


Confined Space Entry
Electrical Safety
Chemical Handling
Fire Prevention
First Aid
Hazard Communication
Lifting Techniques
Slips, Trips and Falls
Personal Protective Equipment
  * Eye Protection
  * Foot Protection
  * Hand Protection
  * Hearing Conservation
  * Respiratory Protection

Chemical hazard handling can result in spills or unwanted exposure. Chemicals are required in many of todays working environment from fluids used in maintenance areas to cleaning solutions used in administration areas. Awareness of the dangers and potential impact that chemicals can have on the near and long term health is part of the federal requirement covered in 29 CFR 1910.120.
An employee must be trained on the proper use of a chemical before they can properly use it. Information about the use, hazards and response to chemical exposure is located in the Material Safety Data Sheet. The MSDS must be available and in a language that the user understands prior to use of a chemical. The MSDS provides contact, manufacturer, health and emergency response information.

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